Catalog 2016

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Mission: Transcontrol is a company concerned with the quality of its products and services, aiming to get accomplished as better as possible. Supply products and services focusing on the needs and requirements of the customers, aiming the continuous improvement of the management system through the following goals: Identify the needs and requirements of the customers; Guarantee the continuous improvement of the processes; Identify, control and monitor potential risks to physical integrity and health of employees and contractors, taking into account legal requirements and adapting our processes to best practices for SMS; Enable and commit employees and employees with issues of SMS, ensuring that they can understand and carry out their activities safely; Ensure the minimization and prevention of environmental pollution; Provide a safe working environment and healthy for employees;

Social Responsibility for Transcontrol is serious business. It was incorporated into the management business in order to demonstrate the commitment of adopting a ethical behavior in the actions and relations with employees, customers, suppliers, environment, government, market and other members of society. Transcontrol maintain a responsible environmental performance by adopting technologies such as minimization, substitution, recycling and ensure the safe disposal of industrial waste. All measures contribute to the improvement of production and personal performance, and prevent pollution to the environment and ensure the quality of community life.

Quality control


ISO 9001 | Design, manufacturing and maintenance of pressure and temperature eletrical monitoring systems for christmas Tree and Manifolds, gate, ball, needle and globe valves, retaining valves, directional valves, valves for hydraulic and pneumatic commands, fusible plugs, flow meters, eletric, hydraulic and pneumatic command panels, hydraulic units, eletronic equipments for process control and flushing services. Design and maintenance of air driven liquid pumps and gas boosters. (click here to check the certificate).


CRCC Petrobrás | Transcontrol is qualified to provide services like Maintenance of process valves, maintenance of control valves, maintenance of eletronic instruments, Instrument Maintenance and Repair of tires Ecards.


ONIP | Transcontrol is registered in ONIP as Qualified Supplier of the Oil Industry.

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Transcontrol invests on training and qualification of its own human resources, relying on highly qualified professionals, completely able to identify the needs of the market and the costumers. Aiming the continouus improvement of the management system, the Engineering team is able to develop their own eletronics and hydraulics, as well as all the methodology of the industrial process. The different sectors of Engineering within their specialties, employ the most important rules of design and processing methods, besides counting on next-generation features such as software for advanced calculations and drawings.


The laboratories of physical measures, like pressure, temperature and flow rate, have specialized staff designated for keeping the functionality, elaborating procedures, converving/controlling the instruments and softwares used for testing. We are capable of realizing hydrostatic tests up to 30,000 psi and hyperbaric chamber tests to simulate depths up to 3,000 meters. In accordance with to API17D and API6A, we realize pressure and temperature cyclical tests with valves used in deep water, registering the results through na eletronic data acquisition system developed by our engineering team, with advanced technology. The labs are their own and are able to accomplish: hydrostatic testing up to 30,000 psi, testing chamber for up to 3000 meters water depth, signatures hydraulic gate valves in ½ “and 1″ and lifting of curves of pressure and temperature transmitters downhole and ANM’s.


In order to attend to the segment of industrial assembly, in the fields of mechanics, eletric and instrumentation, we dispose of equipments like CNC machines, 3 Hyperbaric Chambers and qualified professionals for several kinds of services of mechanics, eletric, eletronics, hydraulics and pneumatics. Transcontrol makes use of special welding processes, using own human resources and SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and Weld Overlay for corrosion resistance procedures, qualified in concordance with ASME IX, API6A and NACE MR0175. Transcontrol has its own resources for the manufacture of its products such as milling machines and CNC type machines TIG welding processes, MIG, Plasma addition to eletrodes coated with a skilled workforce. Our assembly line is able to test 100% of the products produced using our own laboratories.



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